Promoting interests and lending service

Promoting interests at home and abroad, solving problems, answering queries, arranging collections, providing terms and conditions of sale and offering a wide range of services. Those are the core activities of Anthos, the Royal Trade Association for Nursery Stock and Flower Bulbs.
For and by businesses

Anthos represents the companies that trade in flower bulbs and nursery stock products in many consultative structures. That way, their interests are promoted in the best possible way, while the organisation contributes to an improved business climate for its members in the sector.

Through Anthos, "the business" is represented by the boards and committees of, among others:

Promotion of interests

The field for promotion of interests covers a wide area, and this is where Anthos is active. For instance, the organisation is closely involved in issues in the fields of:

Sectoral issues and trade levies

Trade and sales

Logistics and transport

Research and Innovation

Collective agreement, employment and training

Spatial Planning


In addition to the general promotion of interests, Anthos assists its members if they have individual issues or corporate problems. The services extend to the following areas:
* Trade and export
* Business, collective agreements and employment
* Collections and debt management
You can obtain an up-to-date overview of our services from the secretariat of Anthos (telephone number +31 (0)252 535 080) or from our website:

Financial benefits

Members of Anthos can obtain major financial benefits: because Anthos is affiliated to the Member Benefits Foundation, member discounts have been stipulated for Internet and telephony rates, courier services, collection, insurance, hotel rates, Health & Safety and environmental services and much, much more.
You can obtain an up-to-date overview of the member benefits from the secretariat of Anthos (telephone number +31 (0)252 535 080) or from our website: