Anthos (formerly known as the Royal DWAFN) was established on 1 July 1996, following the merger between the Association for Flower Bulb Traders (1900) and the Association for Plant Traders (1917). During the celebrations of its 100th anniversary, the organisation received the designation ‘Royal' by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix in 2000. Anthos can pride itself upon a long record of service, with policies being drawn up by and for entrepreneurs and the implementation being in the hands of a professional secretariat.

The Anthos policy is adopted by the General Board, composed of the Board for Flower Bulbs and the Board for Nurserystock, who each focus on the policy within their own sector. The members can join autonomous national groups (flower bulbs) and divisions (nurserystock products) that determine the policies in their markets.

Group and divisional boards
The group and divisional boards communicate with governments and private-law organisations in the markets about chain approach, promotional programmes and commercial policy issues. The management positions are fulfilled by entrepreneurs, guaranteeing commitment in respect of the trade and market. The lines of communication between the boards and the secretariat are short and intensive. This guarantees that decisions are implemented quickly and that the business sector receives proper support.

Provision of information
Anthos feels it is important to inform its members fast and effectively. To that end we use the Internet and circulars (mostly via e-mail), we participate in the "Vakwerk" trade journal, but we also publish newsflashes that are specifically aimed at the members. In addition, there are many association meetings which focus on sales and other issues that concern the sector.

You too can join Anthos
All Dutch companies that are active in the fields of import and export of flower bulbs, nurserystock products and related products can join Anthos.
Members of Anthos can rely on the fact that their interests are promoted in a professional way, while they can also use Anthos' wide range of services.
The contribution of Anthos is based on the wholesale turnover, divided into turnover categories which are linked to a minimum and maximum amount.

Want to become a member?
If you are interested in becoming a member of Anthos, then please contact the secretariat (telephone +31 (0)252 535 080) and we will send you an information pack and application form.